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The Caulfield Cup and the Big Race in Australia

Australia loves horse racing. You are just born in it and there’s no way out. The country has had the races for over a century now and to not at least know about them is to willingly give up a part of your national identity. The Caulifield Cup is one of the first major events in the year, even if it’s towards the end of it.

It’s not easy to make it and participate in the Cup, but for the 50 or so teams participating, it’s dream come true. If you are not such a big fan and would not want your entire day to be occupied with watching horse races, then you are still in luck.

The Group One Caulfield Cup provides you with wonderful opportunities to socialize and enjoy a tasty bite. There are many dining packages, fashion shows and entertainment event designed to accommodate the crowd that has come here to soak in some of the atmosphere without necessarily make a wager.

An Event with Truly International Reach

The Caulfield Cup has an international reach there’s no denying that. Last year’s edition was won by Admire Rakti from Japan who had the unfortunate chance of suffering a heart attack during the Melbourne Cup, the event that comes right after the Caulfield Cup.

There are many excellent competitors who want to make their claim on the big title. Since 1998, the event has become open to overseas competitors which has swelled participation number by a fair bit!

The field of competitor is quite impressive in its own right However, it’s immediately obvious that the Caulfield Cup is definitely not for the faint of heart. The competition may allow a large number of entrants, but this doesn’t mean that they are all quite equally matched.

This is why this year Kings Will Dream is again primed to be the unchallenged favourite, trailed by Night’s Watch that seems to be priced at least 2.5 times worse with TAB Racing. The fact is that the competition may have become a bit top-heavy.

However, we believe that the difference in pricing is not so serious and the top ten contenders all have a very realistic chance at clinching the $5 million award over the 2,400-metre race track.

Punters Beware – Great Opportunities Await

If you are a punter, though, you will find yourself with quite a few decent picks to make. True, backing the favorites will not yield much, but it’s almost a sure bet. You can punch up your betting game by experimenting with your trifectas.

If you have been following the events leading up to the Caulfield with the utmost care, you will notice that there are quite a few underdogs to back! As well as horses being aimed at the 3200m Melbourne Cup.

Not in the mood to place wagers? This is quite understandable. Just enjoy the social aspect of the forum and don’t say another thing. There are dinner parties and fashion shows along with concerts to attend. Pick whatever piques your fancy best and enjoy the Caulfield Cup, one way or another.